Gradient alarming channel type X-ray machine
  • Gradient alarming channel type X-ray machine

Gradient alarming channel type X-ray machine


Product description:

Sharpshooter series gradient alarming channel type X-ray machine adopts the newest technology which takes computer control and image processing as core, and achieves higher resolution ratio and clearer image and easier to identify items under test. The device has an appropriate channel size with small floor surface, and is applicable to be used in safety inspection of package item in airport, customs, bus station, harbor, nuclear power station, government agency, postal inspection center, law court, embassy, conference hall, and warehouse, etc.

Function characteristics:

Achieve gradient alarming for metal prohibited goods in different volume.

Super image enhancement: image detail is clearer.

Contour edges of the items are clearer.

Low penetration show: enhance contrast ratio of dark zone in the image, and make the hard-to-penetrate zone clearer.

High penetration show: enhance contrast ratio of bright zone in the image, and make the easy-to-penetrate zone clearer.

Lightening/darkening: increase/decrease lightness of the image

Pull back/forth of image: display all images ahead, and conduct image processing on current image.

Image storage: keep any image in real time, conduct image processing and save during continuous work.

Multi-energy color: no orange for organic matter, no blue for inorganic matter and green for hybrid.

High energy/low energy: the two energies are displayed in switch pattern.

Technical indicators:

Boundary dimension: 2140mm×940mm×1290mm

Channel size: 650mm×500mm

Conveyor speed: 0.2±0.02m/s

Rated load of conveyor: 170 kg

Display: high resolution 22 inch liquid crystal display

Color image display: 24 digit color display

Operating humidity: 20%~95%

Storage temperature: -20~60 degrees

Operating voltage: 220VAC (±10%)  50±3Hz

Power loss: 1 KW (maximum value)

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