Qilootech participated in CRTS CHINA 2014

The 10th China International Rail Transit Technology Exhibition (namely CRTSCHINA2014), was grandly held from May 7-9, 2014 in China International Exhibition Centre (New) in Beijing. 

Qilootech is committed to the security detection in public transportation and makes great efforts to create the absolutely safe products such as the security detection equipment---Sharpshooter 5010 body-luggage synchronous security detection equipment that has been applied in the station.    

In order to improve the security detection force in stations, airports, customs etc., Sharpshooter 5010 body-luggage synchronous security detection equipment can effectively solve the problems such as missing inspection and misinformation appeared in traditional equipment, and can check items including flammable and combustible products, prohibited goods, metals, ceramics, non-metals, plastics, liquids, explosives, cosmetics, and drugs etc! It, ensuring the smooth flow rate, can make comprehensive inspection to human body and the luggage, with the passenger rate up to 1200 people per hour, which greatly alleviates the retarded phenomena during the security inspection. 


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