Qilootech Security body scanner

Qilootech Security body scanner:

1. To eliminate health doubts of inspected person with the lowest dosage:Sharpshooter single channel Security Body scanner release dose 0.045 Usv per single inspection,and the national industry regulation safety dose is 4Usv,international standard is 0.25Usv,Qilootech scanner release lower dose than National and international regulation safety dose,more safety for inspected person.this model scanner were used at many cases in China,such as The Henan Supreme people’s court, The Huainan intermediate People’s court,The Guangzhou Intermediate people’s court,Kunming raiway station,chengdu railway station,chongqing railway station, etc. get good results and reputation from these inspected person without any complain and doubt.  

2.High effiency inspection:less than 3 s per single inspection,the body scanner can inspecting continuously,but it’s more fast speed at real working enviroment,the result information can be got from many cases the equipment using in courts system,mining system,high-speed railway station,’s stability with 1200-1500 person throughput rate per hour,more suitable for before open court session for more person quick inspection. 

3.The unique buffer platform:the scanner eqipped with buffer platform for inspected person passing before and after inspected channel,can anti-Instability and anti- fall during up and down the scanning.this body scanner inspection mobile platform was patented by Qilootech(Patent No.:201330500931.4).the style of  scanner is using at different courts at present,especially for more crowd people inspection need the inspection area and buffer area with continuously recycling inspection.  

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