Trace explosive IMS detector
  • Trace explosive IMS detector

Trace explosive IMS detector



  • No chemicals emission, more environmental

  • Fast detection speed, less than 6s

  • Can recognize multiple explosives at the same time

  • Large-sized touch screen, convenient to use

  • No radioactive substance, more security

  • High detection sensibility, ppm

  • Can detect more explosives as requested

  • Less material use, simple to maintain


Suitable for airports, subways, railway stations, docks, postal, customs, logistics, important places etc.

Technical parameters:

  • Working principle: Ion Mobility Spectrometry, IMS

  • Detection explosive varieties: Common explosives such as RDX, PETN, TNT, NG, SEMTEX etc.

  • Detection sensitivity: 10-12 gram-scale

  • Estimated time: ≤20m

  • Device interface: USB

  • Dimension: 430mm x 350mm x320mm

  • Ion source variety: Non-radioactive plasma ionization source

  • Detection mode: Wipe-type fully automatic analysis and alarming

  • Analyzing time:<6s

  • Data storage: Large-capacity hard disk, support backups through USB

  • Weight: About 20kg

  • Power source: 220V/50Hz

  • Working temp.: 0℃~40℃, humidity less than 95%, no condensation

  • Storage temp.: -20℃~50℃

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