WB 154 Liquid Detector
  • WB 154 Liquid Detector
  • WB 154 Liquid Detector

WB 154 Liquid Detector

  • Packaging: Standard Exporting Packing

Benchtop, available for metal container detection and automatic isolation of dangerous liquids.

Nonlnear Radar ,etc. techniques used comprehensively,This kind of security-checking device specialized in detecting dangerous liquids such as combustible liquid, explosive liquid and pesticides and can be widely used in security check, terrorist attack prevention, fire precaution and so on.

Scope of application (Part):

Pesticides (22): cotton bollworm (nuclear polyhedrosis virus), pendimethalin, beta-cypermethrin, omethoate, acephate, To The Point (emamectin benzoate), mesotrione, Kajia pyridaben, Avermectin+pyridaben, Brave It Out (pyridaphenthion), fipronil, cypermethrin+chlorpyrifos, metamifop, isocarbophos, cyhalofop-butyl, malathion+fenitrothion, avermectins, Nicosufuron+Atrazina, triazophos+chlorpyrifos, quinalphos, dimethoate, and DDVP.

Combustible and explosive liquids (32): gasoline, kerosene, diesel, absolute ethyl alcohol, isopropyl ether, petroleum ether (30~60℃), propylene epoxide, n-heptane, mineral spirits, acetone, benzene, methylbenzene, isopropanol, absolute methanol, n-hexane, banana oil, oleic acid, acetic acid, butyl butyrate, glycerine, dimethylbenzene, phenol, 1, 2-dichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, nitrobenzene, concentrated sulfuric acid, carbon disulfide, glacial acetic acid, trichloromethane, acetaldehyde 40%, nitromethane and diethyl ether.

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